Monday, May 22, 2017

Not a race

Before the start of Cranbury 200, NYC-Princeton Rando organizers told us at least half-dozen times: “This is not a race!” Their recap of Englewood – Port Jervis brevet pretty much sounds like that of a Giro stage! I am fine with either. The point is, if there is a final protocol with times listed, the factor of competition for speed cannot be eliminated, whether you want it or not. Englewood – Port Jervis was the ride I would have really liked to join, but it overlapped with the Mountain Blue. Their post-ride report contains a lengthy complain about the weather. Well, the weather was not perfect, some rain and cold. But… Just imagine an average NJ summer day with +30 deg C temp and 70% humidity and ask yourself whether the weather on 5/20 was truly that bad.

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